Need help putting it all together?  
With over fifteen years of home
building and interior design
experience we can renovate one
room for your trophies or your
whole home.

Don't have time to travel around
the country hunting or fishing?  You
can still have wildlife art in your
home, cabin, office, or business.
Many farm raised birds are
available for sale, fiberglass fish
last a lifetime and most any animal
can be legally obtained.

We also have many recreated
Indian crafts for sale such as flint
knives, tomahawks, spears, napped
arrowheads and spearheads.

The art of napping is the
reproduction of Native American
fighting, hunting and survival stone
Trophy Room Design
Taxidermy Studio
Quality Taxidermy Isn't
It's Priceless!
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name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.