Antler mounts
Please don't let your trophy ruin in your freezer
because of a deposit.  Other arrangements can
be made to secure a deposit at a later date.  In
most cases, I can tan your trophy and the
deposit can be worked out at a later time.  This
will keep your hide or fish from becoming  
freezer burned.
Clients need to understand all mounts are not the same.  There are own
process and idea of how his business should be ran.  
There are many different ways of tanning or preserving a skin.  Many
national and world champions use the tanning process that I use, and in
my opinion is the best method.  There are ways of “cutting” cost when
mounting an animal, but I choose not to cut cost because it results in a
poorer quality mount.

Extra time is spent on preparing my skins and forms before mounting,
then much attention and time go into grooming the mount while it is
drying.  I am much more concerned with the quality and appearance of
the finished mount than saving a few dollars or a few hours.  There are
several “extras” that I do to my mounts, especially whitetail deer, which
really make a difference in the finished mount.  These “extras” can be
explained with a phone call, but would be better viewed in person.
Pittman’s Taxidermy Studio is a business and can only provide high
quality taxidermy along with these “extras” by operating with good
business practices.
Price List
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Please call for up-to-date pricing.
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