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Taxidermy Studio
Quality Taxidermy Isn't
It's Priceless!
Napped Arrow Heads   $110
Deer Handle Knife with Coral Blade $150
Napped Spear Heads
Painted Gator Jaw
The art of Napping is the reproduction of Native American fighting, hunting
and survival stone tools. Such as, arrow heads, spear heads, tomahawks
and knives.
Matthew  16; 26  For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world,
and lose his own soul?  Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
This custom design
displays two raccoons, one
 nice size overlooking a
very rare cinnamon color
coon  in a one of a kind
backwoods swamp scene,
the base 29 x 29 inches
square with the total hight
of approximately 6 ft 2
inches. This custom piece
of wildlife art can be yours
for only $1300.
This is a medium size bobcat
shoulder mount, aprox 16
inches high.
This is a very nice 8pt , 17 inches
wide, the antlers are real but the
skull in  artifical. It is on a 3 piece
solid walnut pedistal, very clean.
Tanned Hides are also available for sale.  I have two
white-tail  and one coon right now. If you want anything
special please give me a call.
This is a good
size bobcat
with good fur.
 It is mounted
on a very
nice artificial
rock with a
touch of
greenery.  He
would make a
great addition
to any Man
cave, hunting
lodge, or any
room that
needs  a
touch of the
I have several different mounts that I will be working on the next few
months that will be for sale.  I have several foxes, grey and red, several
more bobcats, coyote, skunk, badger.  Please check back from time to
time, or if you have something specific in mind please call.