Custom Habitats
Taxidermy Studio
Quality Taxidermy Isn't
It's Priceless!
Many men have trouble convincing their wifes to let them hang just an animal
on their wall. I have found that the ladies actually love the mounted art when it
is accompanied by a custom habitat. PTS specializes in custom habitats on
any fish, life-size, pedestal, or shoulder mount. What better way to complement
your trophy than to create a custom scene with it's natural surrounds. A
custom habitat will add to the appearance of your trophy, setting it apart,
making you and your wife proud to display it in your home.
The gloss I use on my fish is very thick, and "wet
looking" and sometimes the flash on the camera
causes a glare that is only visible on the picture.
Pictures usually do not show the quality of the
trophy or habitat, everyone is welcome to stop by  
my studio to see my work in person.

I am updating this site on a regular basis and will
be adding more pictures in the very near future.
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